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The Game 12/29/16

Texas Bowl champions!!!

In Focus
In Focus 12/27/2016

Today’s guests on In Focus were: Pottawatomie County Administrator Robert Reece Dr. Tim Shaffer, Asst. Dir. Institute for Civic Discourse and…

In Focus
In Focus 12/23/16

Today’s guests on In Focus were K-State Associate Professor of Cultural Geography Dr. Jeffrey Smith and Karen Hibbard with the Manhattan…

On Demand
The Game 12/22/16

Today’s show featured discussion on where K-State stands with conference play around the corner. Also, we talk about how overblown…

In Focus
In Focus 12/22/16

Today’s guests were Via Christi hospital president Bob Copple and Pawnee Mental Health Executive Director Robbin Cole. Bob Copple: Robbin…

In Focus
In Focus 12/21/16

Today’s guests featured Leah Fliter and Assistant Superintendent Eric Reid of Manhattan/Ogden USD 383, as well as Manhattan Area Technical…

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