Meet your USD 383 school board candidate: Jayme Morris-Hardeman


Jayme Morris-Hardeman

1. What motivated you to run (or re-file) for the school board?

      Morris-Hardeman 01

2. Are there any experiences you will draw from that you feel have prepared you to serve on the board of education?

      Morris-Hardeman 02

3. If elected, what will be your priorities?

      Morris-Hardeman 03

4. Is there a particular issue that motivates you to serve?

      Morris-Hardeman 04

5. There have been concerns raised the past two months regarding the potential for the district to adopt Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning training for teachers and staff? Where do you stand on this issue and why?

5b.  Is this something that elected officials should be given power to implement or decide against, or should it be a ballot question for voters to decide? Why?

      Morris-Hardeman 05

6. We’ve seen a number of school districts across the state abandoning mascots that make reference to Native American imagery or that are culturally insensitive. Do you believe Manhattan High School should revisit its mascot discussion and consider a change? Why or why not?

      Morris-Hardeman 06

7. In terms of budgets and fiscal responsibility where do you see room for improvement by the board?

      Morris-Hardeman 07

8. What are your plans to address student achievement gaps, especially among underrepresented or underserved communities?

      Morris-Hardeman 08

9. What is your opinion of how the district has handled COVID-19 mitigation efforts and what should the plan be going into the fall?

      Morris-Hardeman 09

10. Is there anything I haven’t asked that you feel would be important for voters to know?

      Morris-Hardeman 10

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