A Full Docket for Pottawatomie County Attorneys

The sentencing of Marcus Brazzle, 19, from the Wamego area, was held Thursday.

Pottawatomie County Attorney Sherri Schuck said that Brazzle was remanded to serve 18 months in the department of corrections for aggravated burglary.

The burglaries in which he was charged occurred between June 21st and July 6th.


In September, Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Department executed a number of drug search warrants.

From those Kevin Gordon, 35, of St. Mary’s and Stuart Ostrom, 24, address unknown, were arrested.

Pottawatomie County Attorney Sherri Schuck said that Thursday Ostrom pleaded no contest to the charges of Distribution of meth and the unlawful use of a  communication device to facilitate drug trafficking.  Ostrom’s sentencing is scheduled for December 20th at 9 am.

Gordon is scheduled to have a two day jury trial beginning April 1.  His pre-trial motions is set for March 21st at 9 am.

The second round of trials is set for the case of animal cruelty in Pottawatomie county.

Amanda Hoke, 21 and Derrick Hoke, 42, both of Manhattan were present Thursday as a motions hearing took place.  

Pottawatomie County Attorney Sherri Schuck said that the defense filed several motions which were either denied or taken under advisement.

A two day jury trial is scheduled for November 29th.

One man is looking at drug charges in two different counties.

Ricardo Carrillo- Levya, 34, was arrested in Riley County on charges of distribution of meth.

In Pottawatomie county on Thursday, Carrillo-Levya pleaded to possession of meth. 

Pottawatomie County Attorney Sherri Schuck said that Carrillo-Levya was given a presumptive probation and received an underlying sentence of 20 months in the department of corrections, but was granted probation for 12 months.

Carrillo-Levya is still awaiting his sentencing in Riley County and is being held on an immigration hold.