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Riley County Commission 2013The news of Riley County’s Health Department Director, Susie Kufahl’s, resignation came as a unexpected shock earlier this week.  The process to fill her position is in the early stages.

Human Resource Manager, Cindy Volanti came before the Riley County commission, during their Thursday meeting, to address the first step of the process-advertising.  The job has been listed on the county website thus far, and the commission recommended putting it on additional websites, including Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce, Kansas Works and Kansas Association of Counties (KAC).

Another vital part of the process is the transition period.  During Kufahl’s time, the advertising began in June of 2011, and applications were accepted through July 31st.  In August, the health board then reviewed the applications, and began interviews in September.  Finally, in October, a decision was reached.  Considering the process took 4-5 months for completion, Volanti suggested the consideration of a temporary interim administrative position until the permanent position is filled.

The commission decided to have Kufahl visit with her staff about that possibility of this, and report back on Monday with their feedback.

The commission also addressed the possibility of requiring the individual to reside in Riley County.  Considering the department benefits other counties, including Pottawatomie-where Kufahl resides, the commission decided not to make it a requirement, and just make it a preference.

County Counselor, Clancy Holeman took the time to review some pieces of legislation currently going through the legislative process in Topeka.  House Bill 2285 is mentioned on the KAC website, but he focused mainly on House Bill 2185.

This bill involves the consolidation of counties and cities.  Although no action has been taken yet, it is out of the committee and is headed to the floor.  The commission asked that Holeman continue to track this bill.

Holeman also provided a work session on future legal options to request a drainage district and/or watershed district.

County Police Department Director, Brad Schoen took the time to bring the CIP fund and the RCPD range. Although this will be brought up during a Law Board meeting in April, Schoen wanted to educate the commission.

A contract with the range, through the county, has been a discussion topic on the table for many years.  Some complaints about the range involved safety issues.  Schoen asked that the commission not only look into re-designing the range, but also expanding it for further training use.  The estimated renovations would take approximately $3.5 million.

Information Technology/GIS Director, Robert Nall gave his monthly update and began with some good news.  Nall mentioned the recent hire of Jake Galyon in the GIS Department, and said he is currently being trained by staff.

Nall also expressed changes that need to be made in the near future to the county website.  Although the changes are small, and all involve the home page, the need to be addressed.

Budget and Finance Officer, Johnette Shepek came before the commission to give updates on the CIP, County Building, Economic Development, and Road and Bridge funds.


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