Assistant Public Works/Parks Director Still on the Table


Cutbacks are a necessity with the current state of the economy, and Riley County Commissioners are feeling the crunch.

The Assistant Public Works/Parks Director position has been a discussion topic on the past few commissioner agendas.  Public Works Director/County Engineer, Leon Hobson, came before commissioners on Monday to re-discuss the position and possible ways to move forward.  Hobson teamed up with Human Resource Manager/Deputy Clerk, Cindy Volanti, to research how other counties handle their public works and parks departments.  Hobson and Volanti said they were surprised to find that most counties do not have a specified parks department.

Commissioners, Dave Lewis and Karen McCulloh, raised concern regarding how efficiently we are doing business and if there are other options to consider.  Lewis mentioned possibly combining the public works and parks departments.  Commissioners decided to have Hobson and Volanti research various options, and crunch the numbers, before making any final decision.  The topic will be re-visited at a later commissioner meeting.

With election time on the way, County Cleark, Rich Vargo took the time to update people on the wheres and whens of voting.  The general election is November 6th, and there are a number of pre-voting opportunities.  For a full list of voting sites, times and dates, log on to the Riley County website.  There is also a list of ID’s you can use on the website as well.

Other upcoming events include the Okt-flu-berfest on October 11th and the Flint Hills Discovery Center Forces exhibit educational events on October 14th.



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