Justice Center Completion Slated For August


Pottawatomie County commissionersDuring their meeting Monday, the Pottawatomie County Commission was given their weekly update on the progress of the new Justice Center in Westmoreland.  As progress continues to be made on both the outside, with pavement and sidewalks expected, and on the inside, with finishes within the jail and carpets in the courtrooms, the end date is still some time off.  Due to change orders, negotiations and a possibility of weather days, the completion date for the center has been pushed to about the middle of August, according to Trisha Brooke-Fruendt, Construction Manager for SMH Consultants.

Brooke-Fruendt also made mention that at this time, the expected move date for the sheriff’s department is for August 19, with the courts following a couple of weeks later.

The commission also had a couple of budget requests as the county’s K-State Extension requested a .18% increase to their budget from last year, which would total $228,000.  The regional library also made a request.

The sheriff was asked to help enforce the lowering of the speed limit during the duration of the Westmoreland Bridge Project.

The commission approved to lowering the speed on Bigelow Road to 45.

The commission was also given updates concerning both KWORC and KCAMP insurance.  No action was taken.


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