Bomb Threat at Wichita Airport


A bomb threat at Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport has led to an arrest early Fiday morning when an employee tried to gain entrance to the airport tarmac and explode a car bomb.

US Attorney for Kansas Barry Grissom said 58 year old Terry Loewen, 58, of Wichita, had been under investigation since this past summer after making threats to engage in a terrorist act of jihad against the United States.

Grissom added the explosives in Loewen’s car were inert and not capable of exploding.

Loewen was an avionics technician who had a security card giving him access to resticted areas of the airport.

Loewen is facing three federal charges among them the use of a weapon of mass destruction, and providing material to foreign terrorists.

Governor Brownback issued the following statement:

“I would like to thank the federal, state, and local agencies that collaborated in this investigation of a potential terrorist threat here in Kansas.  In our ongoing war on terrorism, the good guys won one today. A joint operation with federal, state, and local components captured a would-be terrorist before he could cause harm. This is the way your government should work – united and effective.”

“Congratulations to all involved in this successful operation. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Kansas Highway Patrol, Sedgwick County Sheriff, Wichita Airport Police, Wichita Police Department and other law enforcement agencies collaborated in an intensive six-month investigation that resulted in the arrest of Terry Loewen this morning. It is important to remember that our dedicated law enforcement personnel are committed to our safety every day. Even here in the Heartland we must remain vigilant and remember the motto ‘if you see something, say something’.”


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