In Focus 9/20/2016

Today's guests on In Focus were Manhattan Mayor Usha Reddi and City Manager Ron Fehr.

In Focus 9/19/2016

Today's guests on In Focus were: Kansas State University Provost April Mason UFM Executive Director Linda Teener

In Focus 9/15/16

Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce President Lyle Butler:

In Focus 9/16/16

Riley County Extension Horticulture Agent Gregg Eyestone on gardening: Riley County Senior Service Center Director Jami Ramsey: Constitution Week with Ila Morrill and Nancy Knopp:

In Focus 9/14/2016

Today's guests on In Focus were: USD 320 Supt. Tim Winter and USD 323 Supt. Kevin Logan C. Clyde Jones on 5th Annual C....

In Focus 9/13/2016

Today's guest on In Focus was Riley County Commissioner Robert Boyd. Brady Bauman was the host.

In Focus 9/12/2016

Today's guests on In Focus were: Assistant Professor of Shelter Medicine, K-State's College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Brad Crauer Lori Bishop with flint Hills...

In Focus 9/9/2016

Today's guests on In Focus were: U.S. Sen. Pat Roberts Former Riley County Attorney Bill Kennedy on MS Ride William Dorsett with Flint Hills...

In Focus 9/8/2016

Today's guests on In Focus were: Fort Riley Col. John Lawrence and Command Sergeant Major James Collins Fall Apple Day Pie Queen Lauren Bolen,...

In Focus 9/7/16

Manhattan/Ogden USD 383 School Board member Leah Fliter and Superintendent Marvin Wade sat down and spoke on an edition of In Focus. Randy Phebus, Food...