Congressman Huelskamp Reacts To End Of Government Shutdown



First District Congressman Tim Huelskamp, who represents the Manhattan area,  released a statement Thursday in response to Wednesday night’s action by Congress to reopen the government.

“It is easy to sum up this deal – the political Establishment in Washington wins, and real Americans lose.  Big businesses keep their ObamaCare exemption, special interests win, members of Congress retain their gold-plated health care – while ordinary Americans continue to struggle unfairly under the devastating effects of ObamaCare.  This deal locks in special privileges for the politically connected, continues massive deficits, and adds hundreds of billions to the national debt.  This isn’t a compromise, this is business-as-usual.”“Many of my colleagues fell victim to the scare tactics and fear-mongering pawned by President Obama and Harry Reid. Instead of listening to America and pushing back, this decision – once again – kicks what’s left of a very beaten-up can down the road.  We all know this to be true.”“It is unfortunate though, there have been a number of Republican officials who spent more time attacking conservatives –than actually fighting ObamaCare.  They continue to divide the Republican Party between out-of-touch Washington insiders – and the average Americans who actually live conservative principles every day.


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