Congressman Pompeo Visits Manhattan


Fourth District Congressman, Mike Pompeo was in town Monday and dropped by the KMAN studios to talk about the latest news coming out of Washington regarding a variety of issues.

Uppermost was the recent government shutdown, with Pompeo talking about his vote against the final legislation on the shutdown. While voting against the government reopening, Pompeo is somewhat relieved though that government is back in business. He says the crisis of the day has been averted which he thinks is a great thing. The Congressman added no one wanted a government shut-down. But he says unfortunately we didn’t do anything to fix any of the big problems facing our country and “just kind of punted for a while.” And he says that is incredibly disappointing to him.

On another subject, Pompeo was asked about the immigration system, which he described as “completely broken.” He added,  “If you want to come to America legally, it’s almost impossible. It can take 10 years, often times it never happens. If you want to come here illegally today, it’s often not as difficult.”

Pompeo doesn’t know the perfect solution, but said the U.S. should have robust immigration policies.

“We have to make sure that what ever we do, this year or next, that we don’t put ourselves back in this place again; cause the emotion comes when you have people who are here breaking the law and there are folks that resent it, there are people here who very much want to work and can’t become legal.”

Pompeo also talked about his vote against the final legislation on the Government shutdown.

“The crisis of the day has been averted and I think it’s a great thing, no one wanted a Government shutdown. The bad news is that we didn’t do much to fix any of the big problems that are facing our country.”

Congressman Pompeo was in Manhattan to address the Kansas Association of Broadcasters.


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