Library, Airport Top City Commission Agenda


A representative of local landlords laid into the language used in the library expansion literature at Tuesday night’s Manhattan city commission meeting.

Manhattan resident Richard Hill says an item pertaining to debt is confusing, and could lead to problems down the road.

City Attorney Bill Raymond disagreed with Hill’s assessment of the document, and said there is no ambiguity within the document.  Assistant City Manager Lauren Palmer pointed out the preceding paragraph states the meaning of the phrasing under scrutiny by Hill.

The city commission tasked city staff to work to put a proposal together to ensure Manhattan Regional Airport was kept fully operational, and the control tower running to ensure safety and efficiency.  The tower is scheduled to be shut down by May 5th if nothing is done to continue funding.  The commission is finding ways to work other regional entities to ensure the tower doesn’t face closure.

Control tower operator Joe Lackore was at the meeting, and  says the news is good for his team, and the community.  Lackore says his work isn’t always in the news, and that is a good thing for public safety.  Airport Director Peter Van Kuren says tower operators facilitate efficiency at the airport, and safety.  Van Kuren says the  airspace is also complicated by nearby Fort Riley, and military operations.

The commission particularly wanted the public to know the airport will be fully operational as the details are hashed out between governmental entities.

The commission also moved forward to seek bids for the MHK passenger terminal expansion.  The commission decided to move quickly to ensure FAA grants and conditions are optimized for financing the new growth.



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