Highland Gives Updates On State Legislation



State legislators were busy this past week as they debated some pretty controversial topics. State Representative Ron Highland from the 51st district was a guest on a recent edition of KMAN’s In Focus, and he took some time to explain some new definitions of the state’s conceal and carry laws. Highland explained that the law was made more clear so that individuals who accidentally go into an area where a no carry sign is posted, they would simply be asked to leave the premises and not be charged with a felony, though a misdemeanor charge is still possible. Highland also mentioned a proposal by a fellow legislator that would allow concealed and open carry to be carried into the house chamber and into the capitol building, but he feels will not get through the conference committee .

Highland also talked about the proposed cuts to the states universities, saying that school presidents will be coming to Topeka next week to present a case as to why they think the reduction in the amount of funding they are receiving is not fair. He says that the issue is of the utmost importance, and they are going to be taking a close look at it, and deal with it sooner rather than later, although there is a fair bit of uncertainty as to what to do about it since there are some facts that need to be gotten before a final decision is made.

On the issue of renewable energy, Highland says that lawmakers are looking at the standards that were put in place some years ago, and that many legislators believe that this should be a business decision and they are questioning if taxpayers should be footing the bill for these new renewable energy standards.


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