InFocus 10/28/13


On today’s InFocus, Cathy talks Immigration.  In studio is U-S Attorney Barry Grissom and interviews with immigrants, Father Joseph Popelka of Seven Dolors, Kansas Farm Bureau President Steve Baccus, and Associate Professor of Sociology at K-State Matthew Sanderson.

      102813 Seg 1

Barry Grissom, Steve Baccus, and other interviews

      102813 Seg 2

Barry Grissom and other interviews

      102813 Seg 3

Barry Grissom and other interviews

The following are the full interviews from today’s InFocus that were not able to be aired.

      102813 Father Joseph Popelka

Father Joseph Popelka

      102813 Immigrants

Two Immigrants

      102813 Matthew Sanderson

Matthew Sanderson

      102813 Mike Pompeo

Congressman Mike Pompeo

      102813 Pat Roberts

Senator Pat Roberts