Jingle Bell Rock


The Rock has been found! Congrats to Kristina Schmit and friends for finding the ManhattanRunning Company – G. Thomas Jewelers Jingle Bell Rock!
The rock was found in Fairmont Park in Manhattan in some trees next to the football fields. Here’s what the clues were hiding.

Clue #1: Tis the season that keeps almost everyone talking, Telling tales of past years of their
Jingle Bell Rocking. If you want your stocking filled with prizes not coals, Keep that search
outside for you to accomplish your goals.
Clue #1 was the key to the whole contest this year! “Goals” referred to the many goals at
Fairmont Park…especially soccer goals and field goals.

Clue #2: The fun of the search could warm the heart of a Grinch, But theres one thing for
certain that will throw wrench. If you disobey the this rule you’ll be Jingle Bell banned, You must
limit your searching to just public land.
Clue #2 is just a rule to keep your search on public land.

Clue #3 : And now once again we finish our holiday rules, They’re actually more like jingle
search tools. We want your Jingle Bell hunt to truly be fun, Trespassing though will make your
jingle search done.
Clue #3 is just a rule to remind you to play nice and not trespass.

Clue #4: All you Jingle Bell veterans are always quite clever, This year though is a case of never
say never. Our opening hints set the rules that is true, But inside one of the rules we’ve hidden a
Clue #4 was our first hint that there were more than just “rules” going on in the rules. A
fun way to mix up the game for long time hunters.

Clue #5: What a fun weekend the Cats got their win, Now it’s time to get searching again.
To keep your hunt from becoming a goof, The house that Bill built should be your search roof.
Clue #5 puts a “roof” or northern boundary on your search. That boundary is the house
that “Bill built” or Bill Snyder Family Stadium.

Clue #6: Another day further on your Christmas quest, Today we’ll look at then away from the
west. Once you arrive at the park where the sun ends its day, You’ve then hit the end and
should go the other way.
Clue #6 puts a western boundary of your search at Sunset Park.

Clue #7: With our last rule we sent you towards the series kings, If you go to far though, that’s
where it stings. So where you ask should you Jingle Bell stop, As strange as it sounds a
cherubic swamp.
Clue #7 sets a boundary to the east at Swamp Angel Road which is outside Manhattan.

Clue #8: The home of Coach Bill sent you down the old map, Now let’s keep you moving and
closing the gap. Further down the parchment you’ll know to go, Keep moving past the home of
Isaac and Joe.
Clue #8 pushes your search farther south by setting a new northern boundary. Isaac and
Joe refer to Isaac Goodnow and Joseph Denison, founders of Bluemont College which
eventually became Kansas State University. Keeps your search south of campus.

Clue #9: Thus it ends Jingle Bell week number two, Helping to bring the Rock closer into view.
To help you enjoy some rare December sun, The rule with the clue was rule number one.
Clue #9 just as it says, a tip that you need to go back to Clue #1.

Clue #10: A brand new week and the hunt is getting hot, Closer and closer to that rock being
caught. High and low you’re searching for signs, The key for your search will be all of the lines.
Clue #10 is the reference that brought in the rock. The reference to lines is all of the yard
lines on the football fields. The Rock was found in the short row of trees next to the
football fields at Fairmont Park.

Thanks again to all our awesome sponsors for making another amazing year possible!
Godfrey’s Indoor Shooting & Archery Ranges, Short Stop, Manhattan Town Center, BD4 Distributing, Film at 11, Bluemont Hotel, Bob’s Diner, Cat Town RC Hobbies, University Crossing, Bellus Academy, Goblin Games, Gallery For Hair, Postier Chiropractic, Mr. K’s, Manhattan Area Technical College, Avalon Hair and Nail Salon, Glenn’s Music, Brown’s Shoe Fit, Brooks Yamaha, KMC Dermatology, Pigins BBQ, Qdoba, Briggs Auto, Wahoo Fire & Ice Grill, Furniture Warehouse, and Sapp Bros.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Manhattan Broadcasting!