Jingle Bell Rock Found!


The G. Thomas Jewelers/Manhattan Running Company “Jingle Bell Rock” has been found. Manhattan Broadcasting organizes the popular search every Christmas season and after nine clues Brian Tesene of Manhattan is the lucky searcher. Tesene says he found the famous rock under a big bush behind Rusty’s Last Chance in the parking lot there and north of City Park.

Tesene adds he got his clues while listening to News-Talk 1350 KMAN, as that’s the station he likes to listen to. This is Tesene’s first successful attempt at finding the rock, although he’s been searching every year since he was a freshman in college in 1990.   

Tesene received more than $4,000 in cash and prizes, with $1,300 in cash. That number was doubled as he had a JBR hunting tag, which he obtained at “Film at 11.”



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