KANAAE Gaining Steam


Teachers across the state are continuing to make a move to joining the Kansas Association of American Educators, KANAAE.

The most recent announcement comes out of Spearville, near Dodge City.

Garry Sigle, KANAAE executive director, talked with KMAN about how the KANAAE is gaining steam since Riley County certified in 2009.

“There were a number of us at Riley County that didn’t want to belong to the Kansas National Education Association, which is unionized but still wanted to have a say in the negotiations and say be an officer,” said Sigle.

The KANAAE is a non-union professional teachers association.

Other districts that have de-certified in the past year are Deerfield, Caldwell, Vermillion and Rolla.

Sigle, who has his office here in Manhattan, will be making an appearance on KMAN’s morning program, InFocus, on Monday, February 3.


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