Kansas State Turns 150


Thursday marked the beginning of many celebrations for K-State’s Sesquicentennial with a special birthday bash held at Ahearn Field House. The celebration featured speeches from K-State President, Kirk Shulz, Governor Sam Brownback, and Kansas Board of Regents President and CEO, Andy Tompkins. Remarks from former Student Body Presidents gave those in attendance a look back at what times were like over the past 60 years. These speakers included Pat Bosco, Kent Bradley, Bernard Franklin, Jackie McClaskey and Greg Musil. Accounts from the former Student Body Presidents show how far K-State has come, with the additions of the Student Union, Bramlage Coliseum, Bill Snyder Family Stadium, and Hale Library.

Musical performances featuring the K-State Orchestra, a capella group “In-A-Chord” and the K-State Marching band echoed throughout the building, bringing memories of great tradition in Ahearn Field House nearly back to life. Displays from every K-State academic department were set up across the floor from the speakers. This was all topped off with K-State’s signature Call-Hall ice cream and birthday cake.

Many more celebratory events will be held until the end of October. KMAN will keep you updated with the latest K-State celebrations.



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