Laser Pointing The Way


A new Riley County police technique called “laser pointing” is refining a highly effective program called operation impact. The operation impact initiative began in 2010, and studies have shown it has curbed criminal activity by up to 18 percent in what police have dubbed local “hot spots”.

Hot spots are locations which have historically high crime rates. Previously the hot spots were just tracked by location.  RCPD Captain Kurt Moldrup says police are now using another data set to fine tune the process… time.

Crime analysts are now tracking the location, and time, of criminal activity on a weekly basis.  Police patrols are then tailored to maximize efficiency while conducting their duties.

Captain Moldrup says studies show operation impact has reduced crime by up to 18%  in many of the  hot spot areas within Riley County.   Police say the new laser point technique’s goal is to provide better quality of life for the community by the more efficient use of police resources.




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