Man Sentenced in Salina Church Break-ins


SALINA, Kan. (AP) A Salina man admitted that he broke into the church where he was baptized in order to support his drug addiction.

Thirty-four-year-old Jonathan S. Shinn was sentenced Tuesday to two years and four months in prison for thefts from the Trinity Lutheran Church in February. He was also ordered to pay $4,156 in restitution to the church.

Shinn is also a suspect in a break-in at the church on March 21.

The Salina Journal reports the church break-ins occurred while Shinn was out of jail on bond awaiting sentencing for two burglaries of neighbors’ houses and two vehicle burglaries.

The church’s interim pastor, Joseph Hughes, said the congregation tried to help Shinn but the thefts caused significant loses that affected the church’s ability to help others.


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