Manhattan Non-Profit Restaurant Closes



Manhattan’s “Local” non-profit restaurant closed its doors Sunday, after almost exactly a year of operation. The restaurant opened May third, and was described as one of the first non-profit restaurants in the nation.

The restaurant, located in Village West Shopping center, has closed after a day of business Sunday.

Blake Bauer, CEO for HCI hospitality tells KMAN the restaurant was losing too much money.  For every dollar being donated, they were losing from two to four dollars depending on the month. Bower adds owner Dave Dreiling has done a lot of giving around town and this closure will not stop the way he has treated giving to the Manhattan community.

When opened May 3 of 2012, the restaurant was labeled as one of the first non-profit restaurants in the nation, with donations of 100 percent of its profits to different non-profit organizations in Manhattan. Locally grown food from area farmers were also featured.


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