National Voluneer Week- Interview 2


By KSU Student  Tyler Rumbold

There are many silent humble leaders in our world today. These leaders seem to always answer the call. They lead by example and are never boastful. I would like to introduce you to one of those people; her name is Carol Adolph.

Carol has been retired for some time now. Prior to retirement however she had a very vast career with Kansas State Athletics, a 49 year long career that is. Carol started with K-State right out of high school. She left once and worked for the extension service for a while, but ended up with K-State shortly after. Among her many duties she has had over the years, a very notable feat was starting the Ahearn Fund. The Ahearn Fund funds scholarships for many of K-State student athletes and today is responsible, through generous donations, for building the new basketball training facility and the new football stadium addition. When asked how she helped transform the Fund from thousands to millions she simple smiled and humbly stated, a little here and a little there. After becoming a keystone with the Ahearn Fund, Carol became ticket manager of K-State athletics, which she greatly enjoyed as she got to meet and interact with many different people. Carol has worked under 11 different athletic directors. It is clear to see she has had a very impactful and enriching career at K-State.

After retiring Carol had felt the need to keep giving back to her community. That is when she joined Retired Senior Volunteer Program or RSVP of the Flint Hills, an organization that her friends introduced her to. Carol joined RSVP because she simply likes to be around people plus she comes from a family of longevity and just wants to stay active. She works on various volunteer projects, to name a few: Meals on Wheels, Ogden Friendship House, and Keynotes. Volunteering has made a difference in Carol’s life; it keeps her mind occupied and active. It also gives her an opportunity to learn about new things for example through her work with the Agency on Aging.

When asked what she would say to other retirees about volunteering with RSVP,she quickly replied,“do not sit at home, get out, and stay active. When you go out and do something for others it makes you feel better about life in general.” Carol says that she admires people who can read books for hours on end, but if you cannot then she would encourage you to get out and get active. Carol’s volunteering takes up a few afternoons a week. She spends two afternoons a week at Ogden Friendship House, where she helps sort and fold donations which get redistributed to the less fortunate, she also gives a food donation a few times a month. Meals on Wheels is an activity that Carol enjoys as she delivers meals to homebound elderly. She truly enjoys interacting with these people.

Carol wants to encourage not only fellow retirees to come out and volunteer in their community but faculty and students at Kansas State as well. She says everyone should expand their horizons through volunteering and help out a neighbor in need.
This shows Carols helping, caring and enthusiastic personality, a person who worked very hard in her career to help build one of the top athletic programs in the country and since retiring has not stopped giving back where need be. Carol Adolph is truly a silent leader in the community, a light and example to everyone that she comes in contact with!


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