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"The Game" Podcast 7/23/14

Today on "The Game"...Jamaal Charles signs a new contract with KC. Royals wins today 2-1 at Chicago. KSU hires Danielle Steinberg as the new Women's Tennis Coach. "Around College Football." Golfer Sam Fidone joins the show. Also TCU beat writer Carlos Mendez. Big 12 bloggers poll Big 12 players at media days. "You Can't Be Serious" wraps things up.
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In Focus 7/23/14

On today's In Focus, Cathy spoke with Riley County USD 378 Supt. Brad Starnes and Blue Valley/Randolph (USD 384) K-12 Counselor, Matt Schreiber. She also talked to Beth Bailey and Marcia Rozell on the Little Apple Festival. Lastly, Cathy was joined by McCain Auditorium Director, Todd Holmberg.
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"The Game" Podcast 7/22/14

"The Game" was live at Colbert Hills today. Big 12 had day 2 of Media Days in Dallas. K-State had its turn with the media. Audio from Big 12 coaches throughout the show. Royals have lost four straight. Guests from Colbert Hills join the show. "You Can't Be Serious" wraps it up.
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In Focus 7/22/14

On today's In Focus, Cathy was joined by Pottawatomie County Commissioner, Pat Weixelman; Health Director, Leslie Campbell and County Appraiser, Lois Schlegel. For the second half of the show, she spoke about the Battle of the Badges with American Red Cross Senior Donor Recruitment Representative, Kristi Ingalls; Riley County EMS Director, Larry Couchman; Manhattan Fire Assistant Chief, Sam Dameron and Riley County Police Public Information Officer, Mat Droge.
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"The Game" Podcast 7/21/14

Today on "The Game"...Big 12 media days kickoff in Dallas with KU, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Royals are swept by Boston. Ken Corbett from the Topeka Capital Journal joins the show. "You Can't Be Serious" wraps things up.
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