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In Focus 11/23/15

KMAN’s Cathy Dawes spoke with Jim Franke of the Manhattan Breakfast Optimist Club: Downtown Manhattan’s Ex. Dir. Gina Scroggs & intern More from Scroggs & intern Outgoing Sunflower CASA Project Ex. Dir. Jayme Morris-Hardeman
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The Game 11/20/15

Hour 1 K-State/Iowa State preview Interview with Kevin Lockett Cover 5 with Brady Big 12 basketball news Hour 2 Interview with John Walters – Play-by-play voice for Iowa State Match Game K-State hoops vs. South Dakota You Can’t Be Serious
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The Game 11/19/15

Hour 1 Preview of the Big 12 weekend Big 12 preview part 2 Audio from K-State basketball’s Chris Lowery Full Throttle with NHRA National Champion Todd Piper Hour 2 Comments from Iowa State head coach Paul Rhoads Kelly Stewart from Vegas Insider Royals’ plans for Bubba Starling You Can’t Be Serious
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InFocus 11/19/15

KMAN’s Cathy Dawes speaks with Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce President, Lyle Butler:  
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The Game 11/18/15

Live from the K-State Superstore Hour 1 New CFP ranking – Big 12 still not in the top four Can K-State win three in a row? Around College Football Hour 2 Powercat Gameday Blogger Cole Manbeck “Voice of the Chiefs” Mitch Holthus KU and Wichita State go down last night You Can’t Be Serious
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