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In Focus 9/18/14

On today's In Focus, Cathy was joined by Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce President, Lyle Butler.
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Leader Lowdown 9/18/14

When one Manhattan Ogden USD 383 School Board Member traveled to China, he didn’t expect to land in the hospital after being stabbed several times by a few unmasked men.  KMAN’s Laura Monsanto spoke to Curt Herrman about the incident, and asked him about his car he has won a few awards with.  
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"The Game" Podcast 9/17/14

"The Game" is on location at Varney's today. KSU vs. Auburn is tomorrow night. Jesse Palmer and Mitch Holthus are guests in the 1st hour. Cole Manbeck kicks off the 2nd hour. Around College Football and You Can't Be Serious as well.
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In Focus 9/17/14

On today's In Focus, Cathy spoke with Manhattan Ogden USD 383 School Board Member, Aaron Estabrook and Associate Superintendent, Robert Seymour; as well as Manhattan Christian College President, Kevin Ingram, and Student, Ethan Pope.
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Leader Lowdown 9/16/14

One Manhattan City Commissioner came to the United States in the 70′s when she was a young girl.  KMAN’s Cathy Dawes spoke to Usha Reddi about her experiences.  
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