Pott County Finalizes Budget


Pottawatomie County commissionersThe Pottawatomie County Commission tackled their budget again at Monday’s meeting.

After initial reviews and talking with departments, the commission took another look at what could be the finalized version of the budget.

Walking through the presentation, Robert Reece, County Administrator, pointed out places where change from last year could be seen.

For the building and grounds fund it increased from 372,450 last year to what could be 548,700 this year.

Another department that saw an increase was the Register of Deeds and after last weeks meeting where there was clarification made this would help to hire another full time employee, the commission decided to leave the budget as it would have been without the additional employee and to possibly add it at a later time.

For the Juvenile Detention budget, there was a decrease made to the budget.

As discussions came for possible items such as an additional study for the Belvue Bridge or work for the Marlatt/Junietta extension project, the possibly of an increase to the mill levy was made or a possible sales tax could be approved following a special election.

Right now the mill sits at 25.675.

The commission not only looked at the budget during their meeting as there were a few other items to touch base on.

The Westmoreland Bridge project is expected to see some work started later this week as equipment was being moved to the location.

The commission denied a second entrance request and advised the property owner to enlarge the existing entrance.

The Justice Center is a little over a week away from completion and last minute things are being done as the floor coverings are being done and maintenance work is as well.

This week also holds some training for some equipment and items at the center.

On Saturday, August 10 there will be an open house from 10 am until 2 pm.


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