Pott. County Talks Concealed Carry


Pottawatomie County commissionersAn all department discussion took place at Monday’s Pottawatomie County Commission meeting as the issue of Conceal Carry is having to be decided and plans put into place.

During the discussion, each department had an opportunity to give their feedback on ways to make their jobs a little safer.

A number of heads suggested having a single entrance and exit for the public and also having more lights in the parking lot.  Other departments wish to see a few more panic buttons installed to alert the sheriff’s department if an issue arises.

Among some of the other ideas included installing cameras within some of the buildings to have record of who comes in and out of a building.

Sheriff Greg Riot emphasized he would do whatever the county wanted to help and make people feel a little safer.

Not only does the county have to come up with plans for the county buildings concerning Conceal Carry, but discussion also began on how this would impact employees with conceal carry.

No decisions were finalized at this point.

The keys for the new Justice Center were also handed over at the meeting Monday.  After some discussion and concern of the chain of custody issue that both the sheriff’s department and the attorney’s have to follow, the keys were given to the sheriff’s department for keeping.

The commission not only looked into this matter, but also approved the survey for a possible traffic easement to allow for Phase 2 of the Yellow Brick Road project in Wamego.  This would extend the yellow brick walkway connecting the Oz museum and the Wamego City Park.

A refill of a health department position was also approved after Leslie Campbell, Health Director, gave her presentation requesting to have an RN come in.

The commission also signed the proclamation for September as Recovery Month.


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