Report: Royals’ Tejada Linked to BioGenesis


ESPN is reporting that Royals second baseman Miguel Tejada was linked to the BioGenesis scandal that ensnared both Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, who were both given suspensions for performance enhancing drugs. But, Major League Baseball decided instead to suspend Tejada 105 games for failing two amphetamine tests. The first offense for failing an ampethamine test is drug counseling, second offense is a 25-game suspension, and a third offense is 80 games. Tejada was given a choice whether to accept the amphetamine suspension or to take discipline in the BioGenesis case. He told ESPN that he previously had a five-year MLB exemption for adderall, which expired in April, and then he failed the two tests this season while applying for an extension.

Tejada was placed on the disabled list by the Royals earlier this month with a strained calf. He’ll serve the first 41 games to end this season, and will miss the first 64 contests of next season. Tejada will be a free agent, and the 39-year-old insists he will not retire.

Tejada was previously linked to steroids in the Mitchell report, and was investigated for lying at Congressional hearing.


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