Status Hearing Held In Professor’s Rape Case


A Kansas State Assistant Professor’s rape case was up for a status hearing on Monday afternoon.

William Yankey’s original day in court ended in a mistrial after jurors failed to make a unanimous decision.

Yankey is accused of raping his former friend’s wife after a night of drinking in Aggieville.

The alleged victim says she came forward after she saw a picture of Yankey and a young student who looked like her appeared in a local magazine, and she didn’t want another woman to be victimized.

Yankey says he remembers nothing about the night after returning to his friend’s house, and socialized with the alleged victim after the alleged incident.

During the previous trial witnesses testified that  Yankey was known to drink heavily, and in his department it was commonplace to socialize with students after school hours and drink.

Prosecutors requested a continuance due to a scheduling problem, and the next hearing is set for June 24th at 2:30 in Riley County court.



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