RSVP is no more… Meet the new Flinthills Volunteer Center


RSVP has served the community as a conduit between need and volunteers for some time, and now they’re expanding their reach to help younger volunteers and families engage in volunteer work.  They are reflecting that mission statement change with a new name of Flinthills Volunteer Center as the organization moves forward in its service to the community.

That is according to director Lori Bishop as she told KMAN the move will help facilitate the younger demographic to begin volunteer work, and create more opportunities for the families to work together.  Bishop said it enhances opportunities as well for the younger volunteers as the organization will track volunteer hours, and allow its participants add that information to college and employment applications.

Bishop believes the move will enhance existing volunteer work, and provide new ways to bring added value to the community.

Those interested in participating in the new vision for the center can call the Flint Hills Volunteer Center at 785-776-7787 , or visit the new website at




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