Salina Siblings Considered for Parole in 1992 Murder Case

Dana Flynn

Dana Flynn

Mikel Dreiling

Mikel Dreiling

 A couple of state prison inmates being held in a  prominent Geary county related murder case are up for public comment sessions and possible parole the next few months.
Mikel Dreiling, 42,  and Dana Flynn, 52, were both convicted and then sentenced in January of 1997  in connection with the same case. Records identify the former Salina couple as siblings, and they were sentenced to life in prison for killing Randall Sheridan in 1992. Five shotgun blasts were reporteldy involved.
Dreiling and Flynn’s convictions include murder in the first degree, conspiracy to murder in the first degree,  and perjury, with Dreiling also convicted of terroristic threat.
Dreiling’s public comment sessions are in October including October 15th at the Derby Police and Courts building, October 20th at City Hall in Kansas City, and October 24th at the Municipal Court House in Topeka. Flynn’s sessions are in November including November third at City Hall in Kansas City, November fifth at the Derby Police and Courts Building, and November 14th at the Municipal Court House in Topeka.
Parole hearings for each are held the month after the public comment sessions, with the earliest possible release the month after that.
Comments can also be sent to the Kansas Department of Corrections Prisoner Review Board in Topeka.

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