Saturday Night Storm Causes Damage


A severe storm system struck the area on Saturday night, and left some local businesses scrambling to pick up the pieces.  A power surge in Aggieville damaged some electronic equipment, and according to one source almost blew out the windows of one establishment.

Other damage occurred at a local storage company on East Highway 24, and is shown in this photo of a sign which was blown over by the heavy winds.

Pottawatomie County Fire Supervisor Bruce Brazzle said there was apparently a microburst in a interview on Saturday night.  Brazzle says one trailer home in Emmet had its roof taken off by the winds.  Eagles Landing and Hunters Island had some minor damage which included privacy fencing being blown over by the storm system.  Authorities are continuing to assess the damage.

Heavy Damage at Manhattan Wrecker included the canopy blown off, and the back fence was blown to the railroad tracks.  Owner Todd Gilmore says several trailers were also blown on their sides during the Saturday storm.  No injuries have been reported at this time.

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