Scam Reported in Wamego

The Wamego Police Department is warning the public about a new scam.
The Wamego Inn & Suites received a voicemail early Wednesday stating their electricity would be turned off if payment was not received on their bill and to call 1-800-881-4237 for further instructions. When the manager called that number, a male answered the call claiming to be with the City of Wamego and asking for account information. Wamego Inn & Suites immediately contacted the Wamego Police Department, at which time officials dialed the same toll free number for further investigation. A male with a foreign accent answered and claimed to be with Westar Energy, asking for account information. No loss occurred, as no account information was given.

Those with  further questions or information relating to this activity, are asked to call Wamego’s Asst. Police Chief Paul Schliffke at 456-9553.


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