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Riley county USD 378Questions were raised during Monday night’s USD 378 school board meeting, regarding the public building commission (PBC) policy.  As this has been a popular topic during previous Riley County Commission meetings, County Commissioner, Robert Boyd was present during the meeting to share insight on the topic.

Board Member, David Higgins raised concerns about citizens having to pay for bond issues when they aren’t in the school district.  Higgins wanted to know if Riley County’s name was on a school bond issue, would people outside of the district, but still in Riley County, have to pay for the bond.

Boyd clarified that the county has no intentions of these things every happening in the first place.

County Clerk, Rich Vargo stepped in and mentioned the school board would still come to the county to request a bond issue if they wanted to use the public building commission as a finance tool.

Boyd and Vargo both clearly stated the county commission is still exploring their options and gathering information.  No decisions have been officially made at this time regarding the public building commission.

Concerns regarding the PBC have been made during previous county commission meetings, and some of those same individuals that appeared at those meetings attended the school board meeting to express their frustrations about the idea of a PBC.

Boyd encouraged those in favor, and those opposed to the PBC, to attend the county commission meetings to continue providing their input on the matter.

The school board chose to look into the policy further before making any changes to it.  Some board members commented they do not feel a time crunch on the matter, as the commission is still planning as well.


USD 378 existing Public Building Commission policy:

Use of a PBC in a procurement of or use of facilities is strictly prohibited.  Repeal of this policies requires three readings and will go into effect 90 days after the final reading of a repeal before discussion with a PBC may begin.


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