Sen. Moran Tours Manko


U.S. Senator Jerry Moran of Manhattan made a stop through town Friday to visit Manko Window Systems.

“If there are issues that the Federal Government is causing to reduce the chances of their success and their ability to hire more people, I wanna know those things,” Moran said.

Moran not only wants to make sure that businesses like Manko have the tools they need to keep expanding; but he is also working on a piece of legislation called Start-up 3.0, aimed at fostering growth for new for fledgling businesses.

“It is a package of legislative items, policy changes, that change the tax code that make it easier for a start-up business to get the funding necessary to grow,” Moran said.

Moran is also working on legislation that would equip veterans with the tools they need to create a business.

“In addition to trying to make certain that they have employment opportunities, if you have a veteran that wants to start a business, we want to make certain that the VA has the capability of providing them the assistance to pursue that business,” Moran said.

Manko started with two full-time employees in 1989 and has now expanded to over 400 employees. Manko has offices in Manhattan; Aurora, Colorado; Omaha, Nebraska; and Des Moines, Iowa.


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