Sweeping Police Operation Hits Streets


A series of busts has many folks asking what is happening on this Friday morning. Police vehicles, and people being taken out of homes in manacles led Riley County Police Director Bradley Schoen to make a few comments during his interview on KMAN’s InFocus.

Schoen says the operation is ongoing, and that it’s a bit too early to release any details as of this time.   Schoen says the community should be assured that the police department knows about the activity, and will release more details very soon.

Witnesses say officers from Geary County were also seen at some of the scenes, but it is not clear whether or not those arrests were a part of this investigation.

KMAN news will keep updating details on this site as they become available.

*update 3:03 pm*

A statement was just released by police spokesman Matt Droge:

“Today, the Riley County Police Department with the cooperation of multiple surrounding jurisdictions participated in a drug enforcement operation. As Director Schoen stated earlier, we will be releasing more information later today regarding this operation which took place in the city limits of Manhattan and in Riley County throughout the day.”– Officer Matthew Droge

Here is a photo taken from a witness on the scene of one of the busts near southwest Manhattan.



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