“The Game” Podcast 04/03/14


Final show of the week gets you set for a big time sports weekend. The Royals and Tigers game on Thursday afternoon was postponed so the Royals head to “The K” for the home opener on Friday afternoon. What is the overall take from the first two games of the season for Kansas City? The K-State baseball team lost a mid week game at Omaha and now has to turn around and get ready for the sunflower showdown this weekend in Manhattan. How important is this series going to be for the bat cats as Big 12 play ramps up? K-State spring football is underway, what are some key points that need to be addressed for the 2014 Wildcats? Mike DeCourcy from the Sporting News joins the show as he gears up to cover the final four in Dallas. How intriguing are the match ups in the final four and what match up do the fans want to see in the National Championship. Full Throttle plus you can’t be serious, all that and much more on “The Game” on KMAN.


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Full Throttle


Mike DeCourcy (Sporting News college basketball columnist)


#2 WR for Kansas State this season?


You can’t be serious


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