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“The Game” on Tuesday afternoon is jam packed with a full show. Bill Snyder held is annual spring football press conference at the Vanier Sports Complex, giving insight on the practices that have taken place and where the team is at right now. What are some of the biggest questions that were asked to coach Snyder? The national championship game was decided and UConn was victorious over Kentucky in a wild basketball game. They are the first #7 seed to win a national title. What was the overall perception of the 2014 NCAA tournament? The K-State baseball team is back at it at home against Wichita State on Tuesday night, how important is this week for the bat cats? The Royals are .500 at 3-3 with a win last night over Tampa Bay. Get Fit plus you can’t be serious, all that and much  more on “The Game” on KMAN.


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Bill Snyder’s Press Conference


National Title Recap


You can’t be serious


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