“The Game” Podcast 05/23/14


A finally Friday edition of “The Game” on KMAN gets you ready for a Royals weekend on the west coast in L.A. taking on the Angels. Steve Physioc, Royals broadcaster joins the show to talk about the state of baseball in Kansas City. How will Danny Duffy fair against a good offensive line up in the start after nearly throwing a perfect game? The Big 12 baseball tournament continues with a champion being crowned over the weekend. High school regional events taking shape all around the state. NBA playoffs continue this weekend, all that and much more on “The Game” on KMAN.


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Rex Holt (Oklahoma State baseball play by play)


Mike Moustakas down in AAA Omaha/Yasiel Puig catch of the year?


Steve Physioc (Royals Broadcaster)


Big 12 FB schedules for 2014


Most experienced Big 12 FB teams in 2014


You can’t be serious


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