“The Game” Podcast 11/15/13

John Kurtz and Brandon Tadtman roll through a finally Friday edition of “The Game” on KMAN. Kevin Lockett joins the show to break down K-State and TCU tomorrow afternoon at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. A big weekend in the Big 12 featuring Oklahoma State at Texas among others. What predictions do John and Brandon give for the Big 12 games lined up this weekend? Chiefs and Broncos are gearing up for the biggest game in the NFL this season. An article out of the Denver Post took some shots at the Chiefs, what do the guys think about that? The K-State men’s and women’s basketball teams in action over the weekend. “You can’t be serious” and much more as “The Game” takes you into a huge sports weekend!

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Big 12 FB Weekend


KSU Bowl Outlook

K-State vs. Long Beach State

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