“The Game” Podcast 12/10/13

Tuesday’s edition of “The Game” gets you ready for the upcoming bowl game for the Kansas State Wildcats. As Bill Snyder and company will head to Tempe Arizona to take on Michigan in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl on December 28th. Is this the match up that people wanted to see or was Nebraska a more hot commodity? The guys talk with Andy Bagnato who is the Chief of Communications for the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. Also they chat with Jim Hollister who tells the Wildcat nation about hotel accommodations for the bowl trip down to Tempe. The Chiefs pick up a big win against the Redskins. Was it a great win or are the Redskins really bad? Get Fit, You can’t be serious and much more on Tuesday’s edition of “The Game” on KMAN.

Top Storylines

Andy Bagnato (Chief Communications for BWW Bowl)

Jim Hollister (GM of Palomar Hotel)

Get Fit


Big 12 Hoops/Heisman


You can’t be serious