“The Game” Podcast 12/27/13


Matt Walters and John Kurtz are live from the Tilted Kilt in Phoenix Arizona on a finally Friday edition of “The Game” on KMAN. They get you ready for the Buffalo Wild Wings bowl as the game is just over one day away. What can we expect to see from both teams and how will the Wildcat offense attack the Michigan defense. Other Big 12 teams will be in action and they will take a look at some of the other bowls around the conference. K-State hoops this weekend as the K-State men are off their best win of the season against Gonzaga last Saturday. How will the team respond against Tulane and what affect will Jevon Thomas have on the team as he will make his debut. Chiefs closing out the season in San Diego as they prepare for their playoff run. All that and much more on a finally Friday edition of “The Game” on KMAN.


Collin Klein dials in with Matt and John


College Football Bowl Games


Robert Allen


KSU Hoops vs. Tulane


Lark Smith


John Hubert


You can’t be serious







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