“The Game” Podcast 8/12/14

Is D’Vonta Derricott in Manhattan yet? Royals are in 1st, and have control of their destiny. OU’s Frank Shannon facing one year suspension. Get Fit. Rex Hudler kicks off the 2nd hour. Preview of K-State’s secondary. Chiefs news. You Can’t Be Serious wraps up the show.

D’Vonta Derricott is on his way to Manhattan/ Royals have control of the AL Central

OU linebacker Frank Shannon facing a one year suspension/ Does D’Vonta Derricott need to play right away?

Royals add outfielder Josh Willingham

Get Fit

Rex Hudler from Fox Sports Kansas City interview

Background story of Royals superfan SungWoo Lee

Preview of K-State’s secondary

You Can’t Be Serious