“The Game” Podcast 8/27/14


K-State Football talk. Royals win in the bottom of the 9th. Mitch Holthus and Cole Manbeck joins the show. Around College Football and You Can’t Be Serious in hour 2.

Hour 1

      1 KSU royals

Why has K-State struggled in their first games of the season?/ Royals get it done

      2 Ned Yost

Was Ned Yost right to call out the fans?

      3 Josh Gordon

Josh Gordon officially gets a one year suspension

      4 10 sneaky contenders

Top 10 sneaky contenders in college football

Hour 2

      5 Cole

Powercat Gameday Blogger Cole Manbeck interview

      6 Around College Football

Around College Football

      7 home run calls

Comparison of Royals home run calls

      8 ycbs

You Can’t Be Serious


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