Trego County Facing Budget Shortfall at Hospital


WAKEENEY, Kan. (AP) Trego County commissioners are working to cover a cash shortfall at the county-owned hospital caused by a temporary reduction in Medicare reimbursements.

The commissioners agreed to seek $1.8 million in no-fund warrants, which is similar to issuing general obligation bonds, for cash obligations at Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital.

The Hays Daily News reported Wednesday that Trego County residents will have to repay the money, plus interest, during the next four years, through a special levy.

Hospital administrator Harold Courtois says the temporary drop in Medicare reimbursements over three months cost the hospital about $600,000. The cash shortfall grew until the reimbursements were restored in November.

The decision requires a 60-day comment period, during which Trego County residents could gather petitions to put the request to a vote.


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