U.S. Senator Roberts Addresses KFB Banquet

U.S. Senator Pat Roberts addressed over 1000 Kansas Farm Bureau members during an evening banquet Tuesday, which concluded the second day of the 95th annual meeting.

“I always look forward to the opportunity to visit and listen to producers and their families about how to work and what we should do in the Congress, and to be working for the betterment of your lives and your businesses.”

Senator Roberts discussed the latest news regarding the Farm Bill and said progress has been very slow.

“In some respects, we are closer to signing a bill into law than a year ago, but we still have not really completed this very important task. There is some doubt that we’re even going to pass a Farm Bill in the very few days that we’re going to be in (session). That’s an egregious thing.”

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a touchy subject for Congress, and could prevent both sides from agreeing on a bill.

“Unlike the majority of the programs in the Farm Bill, if we do not have a new bill signed into law or an extension, food stamps simply go on unchanged, said Roberts, “It means a lot of my friends across the aisle and some Republicans would have basically no reason to vote for a Farm Bill.”

There is reason for hope however as both the House and Senate preserved and strengthened the Crop Insurance Program in their respective versions of the bill.

“Even after devastating drought the last few years, crop insurance has proven to work; and producers from Kansas to Illinois are still in business, as well as the businesses up and down Main Street that depend on farmers and ranchers,” said Senator Roberts.

The Kansas Farm Bureau’s evening banquet concluded with a live auction, the proceeds from which will help the Bureau continue to sponsor various educational programs around the state.