Unemployment Numbers Up in the Area

Unemployment numbers are up in the Manhattan area, with the metro area showing a 5.4 percent rate in January, compared to 4.4 percent the month before. However that number is lower than the 5.9 percent number a year ago. The Manhattan metro area includes Riley, Pottawatomie, and Geary Counties.
The city of Manhattan by itself also had a higher unemployment rate, although still a relatively low 4.1 percent. 3.3 percent was the number in December.
The Manhattan metro area’s unemployment rate, which includes Riley, Pottawatomie and Geary Counties, still compares favorably with others in the state, with 5.4 percent in January. The only metro area with a lower rate was Lawrence/Douglas County with 5.1 percent.
The city of Manhattan’s rate of 4.1 percent was the third lowest in the state, with only Leawood’s 3.8 percent and Garden City’s four percent lower rates.

Riley County had a 4.6 percent unemployment rate in January,compared with 3.7 percent in December of 2013 but lower than last year’s 5.1 percent. Pottawatomie County’s 5.5 percent compares with 4.4 percent the month before and 5.7 percent last year.
Geary County had a 7.2 percent rate, and Clay county had 4.6 percent, also higher than the month before but lower than last year.

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