Wamego AD Retiring After This Year


This is the 14th season as Athletic Director at Wamego High School for Mark Stephan, and this year will be his last. Stephan will step down at the end of this school year to pursue other opportunities. One of the big reason’s that Stephan hung around for so long was because of the community surrounding Wamego.

“I’ve been living in Wamego since 1983, we wanted to put our roots down and raise our children in a good community which Wamego is,” says Stephan.

Stephan was not just the AD but he was also the Assistant Principle and that in itself was a lot more work for Stephan. “There are times, where I would say  it’s almost impossible to have a list of items that need to be done,” Stephan said. “Sometimes that just goes flying out the window because there is an immediate crisis that requires attention.”

Stephan enjoyed his time interacting with the students, teachers and faculty members and it has been a major part during his time working at Wamego High School. “This is the size of the community, the size of the school that I wanted to be at.” Stephan said. “You get to know the families, you get to know the students on a personal basis and that’s a key thing.”

It may be the end of Mark Stephan at Wamego High School at the end of this school year but he is most certainly open to trying something new. “I’d Like to find something that I can use my background that I have in as an Athletic Director, those types of things.” Stephan said. “Really, I don’t have any one thing that i’m focusing on at this moment.”


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