World Traveler With Local Connection Has New Challenge



A few months ago we were telling you about a former Manhattan Broadcasting employee who was one of the finalists for a position with the Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom. Now Reggina Busse is trying for a new position with a U-S based travel website known as Jauntaroo–and that has her travelling in Turkey and sharing her experiences.

She has a video of her Turkish travels on the Jauntaroo website as one of 50 contestants for the group’s “Best Job around the World” competition. The winner receives $100,000 as the website’s Chief World Explorer, who would travel the world for a year and create content for the website.

Jauntaroo is a U-S travel-based website, featuring customized trips.

Busse asks that you log onto  –find her video, and “like” it. “Likes” can be sent in daily up until October 21st. 




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