Pottawatomie County Burglaries Are Believed to be Linked


A third burglary in as many weeks has taken place in Pottawatomie County, and local law enforcement officials believe that all three cases are connected. The latest burglary, which was reported Tuesday afternoon, resulted in a loss of nearly $5,000.  Police believe that there could be more than one person involved with these burglaries. A small amount of blood was found at the scene, but it believed to have been the result of an injury at the time of the burglary.

Detectives tell KMAN that the perpetrators get in and out of the homes fairly quickly. They believe that with the second burglary, a door was smashed in to gain entrance, but on the first case, an open door was apparently found to enter the residence. They add that the most common items taken in all three cases are computers, televisions, and other electronics of value.

Law enforcement officials want to warn the public to look out for the tactics that are being used to perpetrate these burglaries. The perpetrators are knocking on doors of residences, and if someone answers, they either ask for directions or for permission to hunt. If there is no answer at the door, they will continue to knock on other doors to make sure that there that there is no one home. If it is determined that the residence is unoccupied, they will make entry and commit the burglary.

Those who spot suspicious activity in residential areas of Pottwatomie County are asked to call 911 or the Sheriff’s Department at 785-457-3353


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