City Awards Phase 2 Contract for MHK Terminal Expansion


Terminal Expansion Project

The Manhattan City Commission awarded a construction contract Tuesday to the Weitz Company, LLC of Lenexa for phase two of the Terminal Expansion Project at Manhattan Regional Airport.

The Commission authorized City Manager, Ron Fehr to accept the FAA’s grant for the second phase back in July and would normally have awarded the contract at the same time; however according to Airport Director, Peter Van Kuren, the Department of Labor informed the City that the original wage determinations may be outdated.

“From the point a project was bid, if more than 90 days passes before that contract is awarded, then the wage determinations that were associated with the bidding of that project are no longer allowed and you must use the most current wage determinations,” Van Kuren said.

The City has requested an extension of the original wage determinations, and has yet to hear back form the Department of Labor (DOL).

“While we’re waiting, September 30th is the deadline for the contractor to maintain its bid price,” Van Kuren said. “They’re holding it for 300 days and that time frame expires on September 30th, so it’s within the City’s best interest now to award this contract.”

The current contract amount is slightly less than $6.7 million. Should the DOL deny the extension, the City will process a change order and adjust the contract to reflect the most current wage determinations.

The Commission also authorized the issuance of temporary notes and general obligation bonds, if needed, to pay for the City’s share of the Terminal Expansion Project.

Trails at Manhattan PUD

The Manhattan City Commission approved a request Tuesday to annex and rezone a 37-acre tract of land for the Trails at Manhattan Planned Unit Development, which will be located northwest of the intersection of Marlatt Avenue and Casement Road.

Assistant Director for Planning, Eric Cattell said the PUD will be constructed in two phases, the first consisting of 28 apartment buildings, a club house and several recreational areas.

“There’s a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, putting green, as well as the detention/retention basin are all part of phase one,” Cattell said. “Phase two would be the remainder to the north and 12 apartment buildings.”

The retention pond is intended to control water drainage issues on the build site. The pond will collect storm water run-off from the development, then release it into the Marlatt Ditch.

Mayor Wynn Butler wasn’t keen on building on land with flooding issues.

“My intention was not to see anymore projects where we fill in the flood plain; because what’s happened over the years is we filled in the flood plain and we’ve got flood problems.”

Manhattan’s Storm water Engineer, Shane Swope reviewed a drainage study conducted by the developer’s consultant, and determined that the PUD fits within the City’s Storm water Management Master Plan.



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