Public works fleet maintenance facility one step closer to construction; county road vacated


The Pottawatomie County Commission approved a design plan and modified cost for a public works fleet maintenance facility during a meeting Monday.

The design plan was put together by BG Consultants, an engineering and architecture firm that had a representative present at the meeting.

The construction cost of the facility sits at approximately 1.4 million dollars after modifications were made to what will be included in the facility.

Project costs total about 1.9 million dollars when also considering land acquisition, architectural and engineering work, and equipment.

Peter Clark, the director of Public Works, said the next step in the process will occur during the commission’s meeting on Nov. 25th.

“Right now he’s at 30 percent plans,” Clark said about the BG Consultants representative. “So what he’s going to come back with on November 25th are 100 percent completed-design construction plans. Those are plans that would be ready to go to construction.”

In other business, the county commission decided to vacate Oxen Rd., which is located near Louisville.

The decision came after a petition was submitted by owners of land around the road.

“Right now it’s an easement that was dedicated to the county a long time ago,” Clark said. “I can’t remember exactly, but it could be upwards of 100 years ago that it was dedicated by land owners to the county. When a county road is vacated, that land where the right away is located reverts back to the original land owner. The adjacent land owners are the ones who dedicated it, so the land reverts back to those adjacent land owners.”

He said since the ownership status of the land has changed over the years, the current land owners would take over.

The Pottawatomie County Commission will not have a meeting next Monday.


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